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Motorcycle Camp Trailers

Motorcycle camp trailers are essentially mobile tents in a little trailer you can haul with your motorcycle. Camp Trailers come in all shapes and sizes, and they are all usually constructed out of a canvas material. Many have other storage in the trailers to hold thing you will need when you camp out, like a small gas grill, or let’s say a cooler to keep your many drinks warm in the cold or cold in the heat (depending on the time of year – although I do not know who would want to go out and camp in sub freezing temperatures with just a small canvas tent). They are usually very light and stable to haul, and many come with vents for small AC units to keep you cool – and beds too. Usually it is a simple foam mattress but it can also be an inflatable bed that has an automatic pump. Powering these usually requires a battery that is included, and can be charged by simply plugging it into an outlet or if you want – solar powered via photo electric cells that can be located on the top of your canvas mobile home. Motorcycle camp trailers have been around for many years, and have let many people enjoy the outdoors – if you are interested in buying one you should check out the local papers to see if one is on sale for a reasonable price – and hey, there’s always Ebay to look at.

The prices for these small camp trailers are usually between one thousand and six thousand dollars depending on what kind you decided on, and what features you will have, as many have a great amount to choose from. Heaters, A/Cs, even small gas ovens and porches made of canvas can be included in the entire set – and all of it can fit into a very small easy to haul trailer!

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