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Mud Bogging Trucks

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the sound of “mud bogging trucks”? Well the picture that comes across is that of those large four wheeled automobiles covered with mud all over. To explain better, mud bogging is a very popular kind of motor sport in the United States. It is something like a large vehicle is made to travel through a messy pit of mud and the winner is determined from the distance covered through the large mud pits. Typically in case if there are several vehicles participating, then the winner is decided on the distance and if there is a tie between these mud bogging trucks then the time at which the distance is covered, is taken into account.

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These kinds of mud bogging trucks became exceedingly popular around the mid eighties and such events took place mostly in country fairs along with the tractor pulls. With promoters like USA motors promoting the mud pits and giving it the required exposure in the stadiums and sports grounds, more and more people became aware of such a sport.

The mud bogging trucks seem to be even more popular amongst the younger masses. Keeping this in mind, this sport of racing mud bogging trucks was taken seriously and an authority was formed around the eighties itself to define the rules and regulations of playing this sport. A lot of attention was paid to the promotion of the event and today as we all know, even toys are manufactured characterizing the models of these hefty looking mud bogging trucks. Today if you hit up the internet you will find loads of updates and news about the racing events of these mud bogging trucks all over the United States. However, looking at its popularity in the US, it wouldn’t be surprising if other countries also start up such events.

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