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Nissan Titan

The Nissan Titan is Nissan’s most recent foray into the truck manufacturing field, having been based on the Nissan F-Alpha platform and such.  Thus for the Nissan it is not an actual full out war-waging competitor to the biggest manufacturers of trucks (Ford, Chevy, Dodge) but rather an alternate to them.  It has been in production since 2004 and there have been no additional models since this ones introduction making this the first era of the Nissan Titan truck.  The vehicle is somewhat more technical in nature with its 32 valve 5.6 V8 that has a wonderfully powerful 305 horses and 379 torque rating.  There is a minor upgrade to be noted – because this year they added on an updated version of the engine for 317 horses and 385 feet per pound of torque. Like almost all standard trucks it comes with a front mounted engine and is capable of ear wheel or four wheel drive and has a five speed automatic, along with choices of either a crew cab or an extended cab, along with bed sized to match.

Nissan intended the Nissan titan Truck to be more than just a truck, with its good towing capacity and rather large interior space it can also be considered a family vehicle with a huge array of add-ons and other goodies within to keep loud obnoxious children happy, such as its DVD player and sun roof on some models.  It also comes with a navigation system, satellite radio from either XM or Sirius (or both now that a merger is likely to occur between them) along with a read sonar system for backing up and power adjustable pedals.  As for safety features with the truck it has been given very high marks, meaning in an accident it is likely you will be safe.

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