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Nissan Truck Repair

If you own a Nissan truck but have a problem, and don’t know who to go to here are some simple tips for getting the bang out of your buck. First off, call each repair and service center up and ask them about their prices for certain things, specific to your problem. belt replacements, tune ups, additional charges or costs, whether they will replace a part without asking (as happened to me a few times when a mystery three hundred dollar purchase popped up on my bill – probably the transmission fairy). Ask them what their labor costs are and what kind of equipment they have (just because you don’t know what any of it is doesn’t mean they know what it is either, you’re asking to see how they respond. A quick and accurate answer is best). Secondly, if you have to have it towed there, ask them in advance if they have any tow service themselves that would be cheaper than having a tow truck come out and do it for you.

When you’ve selected your service center get to know them – you’d be surprised what kind of deals you can get for just being friendly and understanding. An example would be how eventually I ended up with a third transmission at half off – I just knew the guy after a while and he had an extra that had sat in the back for ages… so he gave it to me at a discount. You might call it social engineering, but it works. Finally ask them what brands of oil and of lubricants they use, anyone who knows anything about trucks should have the best brands in stock (however some places have sponsors that give them cheaper oil in exchange for pimping them so instead of getting the better quality they get the second best because it is better for their marginal benefit).

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