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Off Road Air (Axle) Lockers

For those that are true off road enthusiasts, there is nothing better than hitting the trials in your Jeep, truck or SUV.  While we tend to believe that a vehicle with four wheel drive offers the best traction at all times, it should be noted that even with four wheel drive, your vehicle can lose precious traction and be forced to rely on momentum to overcome off road obstacles.  For those 4×4 enthusiasts that want the very best traction at all times, there is an answer air (axle) lockers.

Off Road Air (Axle) Lockers jeep wrangler elkhart indiana

Getting the Best Traction on the Trail
Did you ever notice that there are times when you are driving your 4×4 and require traction, but the wheels that are getting it are the ones without the traction?  The truth of the matter is that on most 4×4 vehicles the differential is set up to send the most power to the wheels with the least amount of traction.  While it sounds like a good idea, in reality there are situations where tires that already have traction can use some extra power.  One way to counter this effect is to use air (axle) lockers.

Get the Best Traction with Air (Axle) Lockers
Let’s say you are on a slippery slope and two of your real wheels are spinning away with absolutely no traction, under current conditions more power would be sent to these wheels.  However, you would in reality be better off with more power going to the wheels that are sticking to get you out of the mess instead of simply spinning the tires.  With air (axle) lockers you can achieve this objective.  With a good set of air (axle) lockers you can send the power where you need it most and maximize your off road driving.  You can purchase air lockers for both the front and rear axles and they are easy to install.