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Off Roading in the Sand

Whether you own a Jeep, pick up truck or SUV, one of the benefits is the ability to take your 4×4 onto the sand.  While many enjoy the sun and the beach, there are plenty of sand trails as well.  Here are some tips on getting the most out of your off roading experience.

Traction is Important
Unfortunately, one of the big downsides of off roading in the sand is reduced traction.  A fully inflated tire in the sand is perhaps your worst enemy.  Once you begin off roading in the sand it is very wise to deflate the air in your tires so that they have more surface area and more traction.  For those that are serious about off roading in the sand, you can purchase wider tires that offer paddle type appendages that really get great traction in both the sand and the snow.

Off Roading in the Sand sand offroading

Keep Momentum Up
If you are driving your 4×4 in pretty deep sand, make sure you keep the momentum going.  Because once your momentum stops, it will be much harder to gain traction again to start moving.  So keep this in mind when driving.

Gain Traction in the Sand Quick and Easily
OK, you are stuck in the sand, what is one to do?   Well before you get out the winch, give your vehicle a little gas and turn your steering wheel back and forth so that the tires move from side to side in short strokes- only a few degrees each way.  This will sometimes help you regain a little traction to get you going again.

Sand Turns to Mud Quickly
Sand can turn into mud quickly, so carry around a stick to see just how deep the mud is.  You don’t want to be stuck in a foot or two of mud- so keep your eyes open and your stick ready.

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