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Offroad Vehicles

We mostly think that wherever we have to drive there will be clean, well lit, paved roads to drive on, however for many people offroad vehicles are perfect for outdoor recreation or a necessity for getting from point A to point B in rural areas.  There are many types of offroad vehicles available.

Here are just some of the most popular offroad vehicles.


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SUV (Sport Utility Vehicles)
The SUV is perhaps the most popular offroad vehicle; however most SUV owners will tell you that they have never took their vehicle off a paved road.  While SUV’s are always romantically paired with mud and backroad trails, they aren’t generally the best vehicles to go offroad with.  For one, their suspensions are made for flat, paved surfaces.  Their tires and body height generally does not give enough clearance and the engine, transmission and other components such as lights are not protected from offroad elements found such as shrubbery, tree branches, ponds, rocks, etc.

The Jeep is an offroad vehicle in a class by itself.  While many individuals use Jeeps for paved roads, there are models that are generally built for offroad use.  They include all the attributes that make them the perfect vehicle for daily driving offroad.  Some of the features that make Jeep’s perfect offroad vehicles include the fact that their suspension is made for trails and dirt, they have four wheel drive, their high body height gives lots of clearance for rocks and brush.  Their lights and other components are protected and they usually include a winch so that if they get caught in the mud, they can tie a cable to a tree and pull themselves out.

Dirtbikes are another popular offroad vehicle.  They are perfect for the dirt, trails, mud, snow, etc.  Dirtbikes are mainly for recreational use, however some do come with lights and signals for street use as well (called Enduros).

Quads are four wheel open vehicles which are more closely related to dirtbikes than a Jeep.  They can range in size from a 50cc engine to large diesel engines that tow cargo.  They are perfect with these Yamaha atv parts for sale and are used by lots of park rangers and those that live out in rural areas.

Dune Buggies
Dune Buggies similar to Jeeps are mainly for recreational fun in the sand.  They have wide paddle tires and a roll cage to protect the driver.  They are usually lightweight and made for sand or desert driving.  Their suspension is also specially made for offroad use.

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