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Personalized License Plates

Plate numbers are required by law to be displayed conspicuously in front and at the back of the truck. License plates are the first thing we look at in order to identify one truck from the other. Now, identical trucks are churned out of the assembly line by the thousands.

Personalized License Plates plate

License plates can be made to serve one more purpose and that is to portray the owner’s distinct and unique personality apart from the rest. More than the letters and numbers that make up the plate number, license plates could also sport some characters and graphics that define the owner.

Truck owners can have their license plates personalized down to their very distinctive idiosyncrasies. A personal motto or slogan, a favorite flower or pet, or even the car owner’s own picture could be impressed onto the license plate.

The personalized licensed plate is a silent scream of one’s individuality amidst the demand to be seen and be heard.

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