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Pimped Out Trucks

Have you ever noticed trucks that pass you while on the road that seem decked out in full glory with shiny rims and a loud bass line coming out of the windows? Sounds like you have passed a pimped out truck in your travels. For those who are wondering exactly what pimped out trucks are, just think about the cars from the film ‘The Fast and the Furious’ and apply those features to a truck and you have a pretty good idea. Of course, not everybody has sat through ‘The Fast and the Furious’, which is why we have compiled a nice list of signs of pimped out trucks for you.

First and foremost, one thing you will always notice about pimped out trucks is that they are always shiny and clean. The paint jobs will be sparkling next to the silver lined trimming and rims. The more metal that blings and catches your eyes, the higher the status symbol among drivers on the road. For this reason you are more than likely going to notice serious bling on any pimped out trucks.

Pimped Out Trucks pimped out truck

After you’ve been blinded by the glare of the shiny parts, the next giveaway of pimped out trucks is often the lowrider feature. Pimped out trucks often seem to be sitting practically on the ground with very small tires. This makes them appear slim and shear which is a priority among those who drive pimped out trucks. Amazingly enough, the lowride feature can be found among many different varieties of pimped out trucks from your standard pickup to a hummer to a SUV. Any one of the pimped out trucks can be made to practically sit on the ground and if you travel frequently, you will notice this.

Third, you know that you are approaching pimped out trucks if you see neon lights highlighting the features of the car. You may see these lights tracing the windows inside the pimped out trucks or may notice that the license plate is illuminated with lights around it. Therefore, if you cannot help but look at a because a truck is so shiny, you are probably passing a pimped out truck.

Now that you know all the physical traits of pimped out trucks it should not be hard to pick one out of the crowd of drivers on the highway. In fact, that is the whole point of driving a pimped out truck, to be noticed. However, if you want one more sign that you are about to pass some pimped out trucks just open your windows and listen for them. The bass line of the radio playing on pimped out trucks can usually be heard from about a mile away. Why such expensive sound systems? Because they can!

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