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Range Rover Sport Autobiography Edition

At this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, Land Rover is introducing a special edition of the their newly launched 2010 Range Rover Sport, called the Autobiography Edition. This badge, in essence, means even more garnish and luxury. Not that the RR has any shortage in this matter, but here we are!

Along with the new 5.0 liter V8 engine, you may have the Range Rover Sport with a 3.6 liter TDV8 diesel engine. This engine will be more efficient and is also lighter on fuel, but RAnge Rover is like a luxury yacht for the roads, who really cares about its fuel economy?!

Range Rover Sport Autobiography Edition range rover sport autobiography 1

Range Rover Autobiography is all about options. And there are new items with this model to satisfy even the most ambitious customers. Range Rover is offering the option of electronically-controlled reclining rear seats which also have climate control. The back seat passengers have one cool feature at their disposal! they can move the passenger seat at front forward remotely to get themselves more legroom. Their privacy is also guaranteed by laminated tinted windows.

Range Rover Sport Autobiography Edition range rover sport autobiography 2

This limited edition Range also comes with special trimming for the interior of the car. There are four new colors exclusive to the Autobiography series, so the customers can make their desired combination of colors to make a perfect theme for the cabin.

There is also a new top-notch audio system, in addition to the car’s premium multimedia system, consisting of the Logic7 Harman Kardon with 1200W power coming from 15 independent channels of the 19 speakers onboard!

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