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Reefer Semi Trailers

With the production of temperature sensitive cargo, the reefer trucks (also known as the refrigerator trucks), acts as a temperature stabilizer in which will keep the temperature of the cargo at a regular temperature, making sure it doesn’t go to low or go to high. Gen sets, or diesel powered generators are attached to the container while on the road. These gen sets are very useful when driving. Most likely drivers will stop at a land based site because the reefer semi trailers rely on external power for the integral refrigeration unit that they run off of. This is where the temperature of the cargo is managed and maintained.

 Reefer Semi Trailers reefer semi trailer

With water cooling systems, reefers that are stored below decks on a vessel to get rid of the heat generated through the lack of enough ventilation. These cooling systems are expensive, so ventilation is a major task to keep up with, so the vessels who are holding the cargo don’t have to use the water cooling systems.

 Reefer Semi Trailers reefer semi trailer detail

The Reefer Semi Trailers use many other different refrigeration systems to maintain an adequate temperature for all loads. Up to date cryogenic reefers are in business with transporting cold foodstuffs, but fail to gain the acceptance they need to make it a more common use for transporting such materials. These cryogenic reefers are stored on any vessel that allows un-refrigerated ocean freight containers. Revenue for the refrigerated shipments is something people look for, yet when a vessel is a typically dry freight load does not render virtually as much as the refrigerated units beforehand.

Liquid Carbon Dioxide is another commonly used refrigeration instrument in the Reefer Semi Trailers, and was developed to respond to the rising fuel costs. These were developed to try and find an alternative to the fuel, maintenance, and creating emissions.

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