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Small Cargo Trailers

Small Cargo Trailers are essentially trailers of a smaller size, usually a single or small double axial and capable of being towed behind most trucks or SUV’s.  There are several designs for cargo trailers, some which are enclosed and others which are not enclosed.  Enclosed trailers of a smaller vehicle are sometimes and oft referred to as “toy trailers” because of their relatively small size, and they usually require no special permit or license to tow.  Small cargo trailers can also be called “travel trailers” although that denotes slightly larger kind of trailer that can range from a median small size to a median size.  Usually they are single or double axel and are aerodynamically designed to travel easily behind trucks and capable SUV’s although they may require more horsepower than their smaller more miniaturized cousins.  The capacity involved is variable and it all depends on what kind you decide to get. 

Some may require special permits if they are longer, but usually these denote them as not being classified as “Small Cargo” and therefore they are not really small cargo trailers, despite the labels they may have on them.  In comparison to a semi trailer they are quite small, and many can be rented for a fee from moving transportation companies such as U-Haul and Budget.  You can also but them for permanent personal use – flat bedded cargo trailers or enclosed.  There are also small cargo trailers for motorcycles available, although they are limited by the capacity of the engine and the fact that the motorcycle is really not too adept at long hauls.  An important tip for when you are buying a trailer:  make sure your current vehicle – whether it be a truck or SUV (or in some cases a modified car) has the correct tow hitch assembly to be able to pull the trailer safely and also has a safety chain hookup (and of course break light wiring) and that your trailer has the proper plates.  Else you may find your small cargo trailer becoming a large legal expense.

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