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Subaru Forester On the Trail

For those that like the utility of a 4×4, but are not huge fans of very large, sport utility vehicles, one of the best choices around is the Subaru Forester.  The Subaru Forester has made a name for itself by offering incredibly smart and capable 4×4 vehicles that perform quite well on both the road and the trail.  Even the most discriminating 4×4 enthusiasts have to give the Forester some props on how well it handles domestic life and the outback.

Subaru Forester On the Trail 2009 subaru forester

Under the Hood of the Subaru Forester
The Forester fits nicely in a class of smaller 4×4’s.  Some of the other vehicles in this class that come to mind include the RAV4 and the Honda CRV.  While this vehicle is definitely smaller, there are two engines available, one that offers disappointing power, the other some decent flash.  The standard engine is a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder that creates a minimal 170 horsepower.  While perfect for mom, if you want some performance, definitely opt for the turbo charged power plant 2.5 liter turbo that boosts hp to about 224.  There are two transmissions, a manual 5 speed and an automatic 4 speed- with the turbo the automatic is the only option.

Off Road with the Subaru Forester
The Forester offers great sight lines for driving in tight trails and decent tires- Yokahama for the turbo which grips well.  There is also MacPherson struts and a double wishbone suspension which makes the ride quite fun and it won’t bust your back.  You have a wheel base of about 103 inches and a clearance that is about 8.7 inches high- enough to enjoy mild to slightly moderate trails.  Finally, fuel economy is decent at about 26 mpg, however premium gasoline is recommended making it a more expensive proposition.  All in all the Forester is a solid performer for those that require a decent 4×4 that is understated.

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