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SUV Accessories 2

If you own an SUV or thinking about getting one, one of the many considerations is how to make you and your family comfortable for the driving you will be doing.  For many SUV buyers, the ability to carry lots of people in your vehicle is a big selling point and keeping them comfortable can be done with a select few SUV accessories, here are a few of them.

SUV Accessories 2 suv accessories

GPS Navigation System
While many new SUV’s offers a GPS Navigation system either as standard or a feature, if your SUV is a few years old, you can still enjoy the great practical use of one of these devices.  Two types of GPS navigation systems either are in dash or portable which stay secure in an easy to purchase stand.  This way on your next family cross road excursion, you won’t have to look at a paper map, ask for directions or get yelled at by the wife for not knowing where you are going.  Prices are also remarkably cheap.  Some devices cost less than $200 bucks.

SUV Entertainment System
Well, if you have a big family, the chances are good you probably already have an entertainment center at home, well why not bring plenty of entertainment into your SUV as well.  Today, it is extremely simple to bring a DVD player, gaming devices and even satellite radio into your SUV.  You can easily install on your own or have a car audio or big box retailer install an entire system into your car.

Drink Cooler/Heater
It’s great to go on long excursions, but no one from your family wants to drink warm soda that was sitting in the trunk of your SUV.  This is why DC plug in coolers/heaters are the perfect SUV accessory.  Now you can store plenty of drinks or even keep food warm when you pick it up from your local restaurant.

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