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The Crossover Dodge Nitro

If you are looking for a vehicle that is not fully an SUV or a wagon, your best bet is a crossover.  Crossovers have been taking over the industry in recent years as larger SUV’s have fallen out of favor due to their size and fuel efficiency.  However, with some clever styling, you can get much of what you like from an SUV in a smaller, more affordable crossover vehicle.  The Dodge Nitro is one of these vehicles.  With a base that is close to $20K, this vehicle offers plenty for families looking for a practical and functional vehicle.

The Crossover Dodge Nitro 2009 dodge nitro crossover

Dodge Nitro Specs and Techs
The Dodge Nitro offers 3 different trim levels.  They include the LX, SXT and SLT.  Surprisingly, the base prices for these levels don’t vary that much.  The 4 door SLT for instance comes with a V6 3.7 liter engine that delivers 210 horsepower and 235 ft lbs of torque.  This is matched to a 4 speed automatic transmission.

The Interior of the Dodge Nitro
For those with families or that require a solid vehicle for commuting to work, you will be very pleased with the Dodge Nitro.  Not only does the Nitro offer plenty of space, but the vehicle is laid out nicely and the materials that are inside make the interior higher quality.  The dash is easy to view and nicely lighted and the entertainment console and climate control is easy to work and reach.

Fuel Efficiency
While the Dodge Nitro is not a large vehicle, the fuel efficiency is less than one would expect, but not too bad.  Expect to get about 19 mpg on the highway.  The base price is around the $20K mark for the lowest trim, but expect a fully loaded Nitro somewhere near $25K to $29K depending on the trim.

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