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The Easy Way to Replace a Jeep Soft Top

If you own a Jeep, probably one of the reasons you chose it besides its fantastic 4X4 abilities is that it offers the perfect way to enjoy a day in the sun by removing the soft top and making it an instant convertible- style vehicle.  A soft top gives your Jeep a functional way to offer outdoor enthusiasts plenty of fresh air and sunshine and while soft tops are generally sturdy enough to last a few years, after heavy use or a bout of unfortunate luck they do require repair or replacement.

If you are thinking about replacing your Jeep soft top, you can easily purchase one directly from Jeep or an aftermarket retailer.  Buying your soft top from an after market retailer is a great idea.  These soft tips ensure a perfect fit for your vehicle, they offer plenty of features and may even cost less than buying directly from Jeep.

Plenty of Features Are Offered for After Market Jeep Soft Tops.
On most after market Jeep soft tops you will find a wide variety of features including:

  • Simple installation
  • Strong fabric that is resistant to tears and punctures
  • A variety of colors
  • Big, easy to grab zippers
  • Tinted windows
  • Durable window glass
  • Sealed seams for better insulation and water proofing

It should be noted that most after market soft tops are extremely easy to install.  Just make sure that your original soft top hardware is in good working condition.  There are plenty of manufacturers and most offer soft top solutions for your Jeep at very affordable prices.  After a quick search on the web, one can easily find soft tops available for around the $500 to $700 range and many of these products offer a multi year warranty.  If you are looking to use your Jeep for the fall or have it ready for the sun next summer, now is definitely the time to replace your damaged or old soft top.