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The Ford F-450 Super Duty Truck

For those that require plenty of hauling and towing power, you probably are looking for the brawniest truck on the market.  Today, you can find plenty of trucks that offer lots of power and performance, however one truck has the reputation that matters- the Ford F-450 Super Duty.  Ford truck owners are a loyal bunch and there is plenty of reason for being so.  For decades Ford has consistently made some of the best workhorses in the world.  The F-450 is no exception.  While it is a powerful beast, big and brawny, it is also very expensive.  We are talking over $50K fully loaded, but for businesses and contractors that need the very best, and for managing business and employees in their work using a pay stub maker is the best option for this.

The Ford F 450 Super Duty Truck ford f450 front view

Under the Hood
The F-450 offers several models, all of them with dual rear wheels.  This is mainly for extra heavy duty hauling and towing.  The Lariet is one of the highest trim levels available and offers plenty of power and brute force.  Under the hood of this trim level, you will find a huge 6.4 liter V8 turbo diesel.  This huge engine is able to tow an incredible 24,500 pounds.  We are talking a huge boat here. In addition, you will find this truck also comes with nice towing package and Ford’s towing command option.

For Serious Truckers
This vehicle is a serious truck so it is not for everyone.  Besides being as big as a huge living room inside, it is quite a heavy vehicle and is not the most easy to manuver, especially when parking or in the big city.  Inside the vehicle, you will find plenty of amenities that make this truck definitely luxury, but with a huge price tag, you pay for everything you receive.  For serious truckers this is the one for you.

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