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The History Of Land Rover

The Land Rover was first designed shortly after the end of World War II and it was based on the American made Jeep that had been used during the war.  The Jeep had impressed many people from different countries while in use during the war, not only because of its driving performance, but also because of its simplicity in construction and ease in maintenance and repair.  A simple to build and easy to maintain four wheel drive all terrain vehicle would be a great accomplishment for any company to build and market for non-military use.

The History Of Land Rover land rover

The first Land Rover prototypes were constructed on Jeep made chassis.  The early models concentrated on a basic 4×4 model that included simplification of everything, including the 4 cylinder engine, so that repairs in the field would be easier to accomplish successfully.  In its early years, the colors available for Land Rovers were confined to what was available in military surplus paint supplies, it is for this reason that so many Land Rovers were painted varying shades of khaki and army green.

Although there were few changes in the basic design of both the engine and body of the Land Rover over the first few decades, eventually as it became more mass marketed alternate versions with more public friendly options and an electronically controlled 5 cylinder engine were constructed.  To this day, the British Army continues to use the simpler and easier to repair 4 cylinder version of the Land Rover.

During the 1960′s and 70′s, due to the well documented major upheaval in the British automotive industry, Land Rover became a part of different other companies at different times, eventually ending up being owned by American car manufacturer the Ford Motor Company.  Ford would eventually sell the combined assets of Land Rover and Jaguar to Indian automobile manufacturer Tata Motors in 2008.

The Land Rover continues to be one of the more sought after vehicles by four wheel drive enthusiasts.  The two main reasons for this are nostalgia for a classic automobile and one of the early all terrain vehicles as well as because of continued appreciation for the easy to maintain operation of the Land Rover.  With its long track record as a popular and reliable 4×4 vehicle, nothing in present day information indicates that the Land Rover will suddenly fall out of favor with all terrain vehicle enthusiasts now or in the future.

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