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The Land Rover LR3 – Off Road Comfort

If you are looking for a vehicle that offers off road capability, you can’t do much better than the Land Rover.  The Land Rover has been the de facto standard for some of the harshest off roading climates in the world and while there are plenty of vehicles that come with all wheel drive or 4×4 capability, they are usually nothing technologically close to the Land Rover in capability, functionality and reliability.  One of the vehicles that have definitely earned its name plate is the LR3.  The Land Rover LR3 is a boxy vehicle, but definitely offers plenty of performance, the ability to go almost anywhere and a comfort level perfect for everyday driving.

The Land Rover LR3   Off Road Comfort landrover lr3

The Land Rover LR3 Tech Specs
The Land Rover offers decent power, plenty of space, safety and off road capability in one vehicle.  To start out, the LR3 offers a very decent 4.4 liter V8 engine that produces a healthy 300 horsepower.  For those that have been tracking the LR3 this year’s model no longer offers the smaller and less powerful V6 engine. Matched to this engine is a six speed adaptive automatic transmission.  This vehicle like all Land Rovers has full time all wheel drive and the added capability of an electronic air suspension, a very useful hill decent control and Land Rover’s ultimate Terrain Response system.  No matter what obstacles your LR3 comes up against, with all the technology and engineering in the LR3, you should be able to overcome them with ease.

The LR3 seats 7 comfortably and offers a practical 3rd row that simply folds down for more space if needed.  Add into the mix plenty of amenities and safety features and the LR3 is a great all around vehicle.  The price for the LR3 ranges from about $44K to $54K.

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