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The New Mini 4×4

For most 4×4 enthusiasts one car company that probably has never been uttered on the trail is the Mini.  BMW’s Mini is the small, sub compact vehicle that gets great gas mileage and nods from the trendy and stylish.  And while the Mini is a well built, popular vehicle for city driving, it is amazing news that the new 4×4 has recently been spotted on the streets of Paris, France where the Paris Motor show is currently going on.

The New Mini 4x4 mini crossman 4x4

The New Mini 4×4 Crossman Off Roader
It’s incredible, but true, the new Mini 4×4, called the Crossman is being seriously considered as a production vehicle by Mini.  The vehicle was spotted outside the Paris Motor show and surprisingly looked extremely interesting.  While the Mini Crossman keeps its signature small size, the vehicle looks very beefy and the body is jacked up nicely creating an aggressive stance.  In addition, some of the styling cues were the swept back lights, 5 doors (one door which is the hatchback, swings up) and larger tires made for the trail.  The New Mini 4×4 Crossman seats four (sorry, there is no super cab option) and it is said that each chair will be able to tilt and slide making it easier to enter and exit the vehicle.

Will the Mini 4×4 Crossman be Available in 2010?
From what we are hearing, Mini is trying to get this concept car into production by 2010.  While price and other specifics are still not set in stone, it looks as though the engine will be shared with the standard hatchback that is available.  While many 4×4 enthusiasts will laugh at the Mini, for those that are able to just imagine what a beast this Mini can be, there is a definite anticipation for more details about this 4×4 to emerge.

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