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The Nissan Frontier

The Nissan Frontier is the direct descendant of the Nissan Hardbody Truck, and has been in production since 1998.  The Nissan Frontier is a compact pickup truck with either a two door or four door design and has a classic front engine rear wheel drive combo, of the front engine four wheel drive.   In 1998 the Frontier was introduced and replaced the Hardbody Truck that had been a fixture for a decade before.  The truck came with just one normal two door design in the beginning but the King Cab was added on later to give it the four doors so many people liked about the compact pickup truck.  The first gen of Nissan Frontier Trucks came with a variety of engines, and also three transmissions to choose from, being the either the four speed auto or four speed manual, and also a five speed manual.  The engines ranged in size and started off with the 2.4L 143 horse four stroke, up to the 3.3 and 3.4 170 HP engines – although different sized they maintained the same speed, and finally the updated 3.3L that gave it a whopping 40 horse upgrade to 210 horses.  In 2004 this era completed its run and lead into the 2005 year, dropping the label “Compact Pickup Truck”.

That’s right, 2005 rolled in with a new Nissan Frontier that was bigger, meatier, and had a new classification:  Mid-sized pickup truck.  The Nissan Frontier truck was completely redesigned with a slicker feel to the body and the addition of better engines along with bigger wheels and a towing capacity of 6.5 thousand pounds.  The engines bestowed upon the truck started with the 4.0L VQ V6 that is the standard engine and lends to it a full 265 horses, along with the other engine which is just a four cylinder that gives up 154 horses.  With this model both the normal all wheel and rear wheel drive are there along with traction control and decent control making it stable whilst hauling a heavy load up or down a hill.

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