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Theft Protection for Your Vehicle

For many truck, SUV and Jeep owners keeping your vehicle safe and protected from thieves and vandalism is of utmost importance.  However, since these vehicles are always in demand, the chances are many 4×4 vehicle owners will experience theft and vandalism.  Here are a few ways to reduce the risk and add some extra protection.

Many times professional thieves look for vehicles that are easy targets- such as vehicles that are parked where there is limited lighting, trucks with their doors unlocked, etc.  Make sure you take care where you leave your car parked and that you obviously leave your doors locked.  In addition, add some easy to view theft deterrents such as steering wheel locks or large badging that warns of an alarm system.  In addition, if you have an expensive stereo, look for ways to conceal the unit when not in use- such as removing the head unit or face plate and covering up any sub woofers or amplifiers.

Theft Protection for Your Vehicle truck tire lock

Lo-Jack, GPS Devices
Many newer cars now come equipped with Lo-Jack or other GPS navigation devices that can send a signal to the police department or other agency to not only inform them that your vehicle has been stolen, but to alert them exactly where the vehicle is.  Many times, a truck can be remotely shut off rendering it useless to a thief or it can give off its location so a police officer can be dispatched.

High Tech Alarm Systems
While general alarm systems are a good deterrent, newer models can call your phone when they are unauthorized to start.  In addition, these alarm system can be easily activated to shut off the ignition rendering the vehicle useless and also contact the authorities so that a police officer can apprehend the thief.

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