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Tin Can Tourists

A classic oldies trailer, based in the early ’20s up to the ’30s and ’40s. This was used to clarify the people who drove in Travel Trailers, or Caravan Trailers. In the early 1920s, the Tin Can Tourists camps were being set up in all of Florida, and were a huge celebration. Their motto, “save and clean camping areas, wholesome entertainment, and high moral values”. There was even a national club for the Tin Can Tourists, in which was mostly Travel Trailers in large parks or other places, in which would stay there for a couple of days.

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With the end of World War I, the moving to Florida made Tin Can Tourism rise. The simple setup with a car and a tent, in which would later turn into several different types of Travel Trailers that could be used to fit anyone’s needs. The Travel Trailers were nicknamed Tin Can Tourists, and have always remained the nickname since the earlier years.

Due to the uprising World War II, the trailer manufacturing fell, and people who used the travel trailers, or tin cans with wheels, had declined. With this, few remained who could maintain the Tin Can Tourists’ name, and they are still celebrated today. The newer group is based from the earliest ideas of the old one, and is trying to renew the Tin Can Tourists’ name by holding huge festivities.

Staged through all of North America, and celebrated all around the world, Tin Can Tourists still remain, there are many who are bringing it back and making it more popular than ever. They still reenact the old travel trailers, renaming them Tin Can Tourists to uphold the tradition, and they show how much the trailers had evolved during the time frame – how they had fit everyone who had one’s needs.

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