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Tips on Buying a Used 4×4

If you are thinking about buying a used 4×4 truck, Jeep or SUV it is definitely worth it to do your homework to not only save lots of money, but buy a vehicle that will last you for the next few years and offer you some good, fun value.  While a brand new 4×4 is quite nice, every 4×4 enthusiast can understand the enjoyment of having a beater vehicle that doesn’t cost that much, but still gives you lots of fun.  Here are just a few tips from an experienced used car dealer when shopping.

Tips on Buying a Used 4x4 used 4x4 truck

Understand All the Features
If you are buying a used 4×4 vehicle you will probably come across quite a lot of jargon depending on what kind of features are in the car.  This is especially true, if the vehicle you are buying has some custom, aftermarket parts.  Make sure you know what this jargon means and understand the implications whether it is replacing it or maintaining it.

Use the Internet
The internet is the ultimate equalizer.  Whether you are looking for reliability data, tech specs and of course pricing information, there is nothing better than using the internet to shop.  Today, it is easier than ever not only to find the perfect 4×4 that you are looking for, but also pay a fair price.

Get the Vehicle Checked Out
Don’t take the seller’s word for it, if the cost of the vehicle is a couple of thousand dollars or even a couple of hundred, make sure you know what you are getting into.  Take the vehicle to your personal mechanic to get it checked out.  Sometimes you will find out there is much more wrong than what the seller is stating and this can help you make a more knowledgeable decision.



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  • Steven says:

    Great tips! I always get my car checked out befoe I purchase it… you can never be too careful!

    December 22, 2008 at 7:50 pm

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