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Tow Hitch

Set along the chassis of the vehicle, the Tow Hitch is mainly used for towing. The many forms may control the articulation of a trailer, featuring the tow-ball form, or the tow pin and jaw accompanied with a trailer hoop. The tow pin and jaw are usually used to pull large agricultural vehicles or any other over sized vehicles available for towing. With military vehicles, it’s a different thing. To tow military vehicles is using the towing pintail which hooks onto the military vehicle, pulling it down the road.


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Different countries may refer to the Tow Hitch as something else, but in the United States it is keeps its’ name. Being the receiver used with other tools to tow, it is bolted to the chassis of the other vehicle. The SAE claims the Tow Hitch has four classes: I, II, III, and IV. With this, the tow hitch can be placed into separate categories and ordered on average. The different classes vary in weight, I being up to 1 ton, II 1 ½ tons, III 2 ½ tons, and IV up to 5 tons. These can suit up large trailers, campers, and particular types of motor vehicles that can be towed.

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Vehicle manufactures define all mounting points upon advanced passenger vehicles. The tow-bracket manufacturer is responsible to use these mount points and prove the efficiency of their bracket. The efficacy for each bracket of the tow-ball is measured with a full rig-based fatigue test, to fit company standards and insure safety to all who have them with their tow hitches.

A trailer tongue may fasten over a tow-ball. There are many different forms of tow-balls and you must apply each point securely to guarantee safety for you, and other people on the road. The tow-ball is set to a ball-mount and must be applied with correct placing horizontally and vertically to prevent the chance of death or injury (especially the cases where the clients got injured in a truck accident or by something heavy and disastrous). And it is important to know about different forms of compensation before you file a suit for injuries sustained .

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