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Towing a Motorcycle or ATV

If you own a 4×4 truck, Jeep or SUV, one of the reasons you probably bought your vehicle is for the enhanced functionality and the ability to tow or haul large items.  4×4’s are a great way to get more out of life.  For instance, if you love motorcycles, off roading with an ATV or camping, it’s easier than ever to tow all your toys to your favorite location.  Here are some tips.

If you own a pick up truck, you can usually buy some cargo straps that make it quite easy to haul a motorcycle or two, dirt bikes and even an ATV to your favorite destination.  You can find the hardware you need at almost any hardware shop or even big box retailers such as Walmart.  It should be noted that besides some good straps, you will probably need a ramp of some kind.  While they are plenty of places to purchase metal ramps that are usually light weight, another easy idea is to use a sturdy piece of wood or two- depending on what you are hauling.

Towing a Motorcycle or ATV towing motorcycle and atv

If you are hauling your motorcycles a lot, you might want to think about purchasing a small, affordable cart made especially for bikes.  You can even use a landscaping cart used by many professional landscapers to tow around lawn equipment such as mowers, etc.  These carts are easy to use, are light weight and affordable.  Check with your municipality regarding registration requirements.

If you have expensive gear or hauling your bikes all over the country, you might even want to look into an enclosed towing cart, where your bike or ATV will be protected from the elements as you drive.  While a little more expensive than other options, this towing option is a good idea for many enthusiasts.

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