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Towing Tips for 4X4 Vehicles

One of the reasons many people buy 4×4 trucks is the incredible utility they offer.  4X4’s are extremely practical and one of the jobs they do best is tow.  Whether you are towing a trailer, a couple of dirt bikes or your heavy lawn equipment, here are a few tips you should consider every time you hitch up.

Checking the Hitch

A lot is riding on your hitch, so before you start towing, make sure you check the hitch for any defects or problems.  No matter what kind of hitch you have (air ride hitch, ATV hitch, etc), make sure to check that your hitch ball is firm and tight.  You also want to make sure that the coupler is tight and for those that are towing an ATV trailer or other kind trailer check the chains and wiring as well.

Checking the Tires

Besides the hitch, another important component of your trailer that should be checked is the tires.  A blowout of your trailer tire during towing can cause serious safety problems so make sure you check the tires before hitting the road.  It is also a good idea to make sure both your vehicle and the towing trailer’s tires are inflated to the proper setting.  This will ensure safety as well as good gas mileage.

Trailer Lights

In most municipalities in order to tow a trailer, it must have working lights.  Before you set out on the road, check your lights (brake lights and directionals).  This will not only ensure safety, but also help you in avoiding a large fine from your friendly police officer.

Secure the Load Your Towing

No matter what you plan on towing make sure that before you start semi-truck towing, that the load is secure.  Make sure all objects are tied down and secure.  Even the smallest objects can become extremely dangerous if they fly off your trailer at high speeds.