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Toyota FJ Cruiser

The Toyota FJ Cruisers is a stylish SUV that is perfect for both couples and families.  This fine automobile continues to impress even die hard 4×4 enthusiasts on a wide range of levels including engineering and component choices, comfort, styling and reliability.  If you are looking for a good looking vehicle that scores high on practically every mark, this is the vehicle to look into.  Toyota has been riding high these last couple of years with plenty of great products that are perfect for not only the road, but off road and in the snow.  The Toyota FJ Cruiser is a fine choice.

Toyota FJ Cruiser toyota fj cruiser

Under the Hood of the Toyota FJ Cruiser
The Toyota FJ Cruiser is similar to the Tacoma, and while it doesn’t have a huge engine, the power it does have is perfect for most uses.  Under the hood you will find a very peppy 3.5 liter V6 engine that produces a very revvy 239 hp.  While you may think this may not be enough for the trails or the mountains, most who have driven it have no complaints, especially when paired with a 6 speed automatic transmission.  Besides the peppy engine, you will find a great suspension including components such as:  Bilstein shocks that are sport tuned, lever actuated transfer case and much more.

Plenty of Features
While the Toyota FJ Cruiser is incredibly fun to drive and has good road manners both on the road and off, it isn’t that economical.  Gas mileage is about 15 mpg and while this vehicle has a decent base price of about $23K, with the features you want, you are looking in the area of $30K.  All in all, this vehicle does ride great and looks very stylish.

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