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Toyota Hilux I

The Toyota Hilux is a compact pickup truck that has been in production for a grant total of seventy two years. It was first manufactured under the name and class of a type G1 Truck and was a 1.5 ton stake-bed truck that first caught on. Later, after the Second World War Toyota continued with the design and called it the Model SB, which lasted from 1947 to 1963 – and had a four stroke 27 horse engine to boot. Finally in 1964 Toyota launched itself into the U.S. market with the 1964 Hilux, called the Stout, and it was bigger than the Datsun and the Mazda trucks of the time, and it had a 1.9L four cylinder engine that rated at 85 horses. In 1969 the name was given, and the truck was released as the Hilux. This truck had more engines to choose from, although they were all four cylinder engines rated at 85 horses and 97 horses at 1.9L, along with the 2.0L 108 horse. It was a simple thing, with just one body style and had a regular cab, a short bed, and only came in front engine mounted rear wheel drive with a four speed manual transmission.

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In 1973 the new Hilux was released with a better interior and an optional longer bed that would allow it to be used for many more things, and it dropped the two weaker four cylinder engines, but kept the 2.0L 108 horse. The Hilux name was eventually dropped in the U.S. Market in 1975 – referring to the vehicle as just the Toyota Truck, however the truck is indeed the same one. In 1978 a new revision was made and this one was much improved. This big update came with the addition of four wheel drive and a better transmission, not to mention better axles and leaf springs to improve its abilities on the road. It was about this time its reputation for being “Indestructible” was rearing its head. The new engine it used was only 96 horses as a four cylinder 2.2L.

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