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Toyota Hilux II

By this time the Toyota “Pickup Truck” or better known as the Hilux, had become something of a mini legend, as they just would not die. In 1981 many major improvements were made and the company teamed up with Winnebago to make an SUV, which was basically taking the Toyota Hilux chassis, and strapping things to them to make them SUVs. In order to facilitate this, structural changes were made to the Hilux, improving its weight capacity and overall ruggedness. Additionally a new engine was introduced to the mix, and yes it still kept that now considered underpowered 96 horse four cylinder, what was added was a 62 horse diesel engine. In 1984 a new redesign hit the market and two new diesel engines came with it – although in 1985 they threw them out faster than an Ex with a drinking problem – however a year later came the much coveted fuel injection systems that did much more good by the vehicle.

Toyota Hilux II toyota hilux styling.thumbnail

The old 2.4L four cylinder that had been added to replace the aging 2.2L was still included, along with that 62 horse diesel, and two new diesels which were the 2.4L at 83 horses and its bigger brother at 92 horses (which were both tossed out in 85). In addition to this several updates were made with the fuel injectors to the 2.4L series which culminated in the bump up to 112 horses, and finally the turbo at 135 horses. There was also a V6 (thank god) added which gave the vehicle 150 horses. In 1989 the truck underwent yet another redesign which saw better wheelbase options for longer beds and the dropping of any non-fuel injected engines leaving it with the 2.4L at 112 horses, and the 3.0L V6 at 150 horses (for which an award was won). Finally, in 1995, it was updated to become the Tacoma in North America, but maintained its name in the rest of the world and is still distinctly different in small variations.

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