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Toyota Tundra

Toyota’s full sized pickup truck is the Toyota Tundra and is the current successor to the Toyota T100, a previous model that was the base for Toyota’s full sized pickup trucks.  The current Tundra was launched in 200 and underwent a revision in 2006, making the 2007 model year the beginning of a new era for the vehicle.   The Tundra is a basic and normal truck design with the front engine mount and rear or full wheel drive.  The T100 had always been criticized as being too small, and such was the fate of its successor, with folks here and there saying it wasn’t fit to be considered a full-sized truck, however sales had nearly doubled that of the T100 by the second year.  This first era of truck featured three engines, and one of them underwent improvements midway through its run, in addition to having several transmissions.  The Truck had a 3.4L V6 engine to choose, which gave it 190 horses, then there was the 4.0L engine at 236 horses, and finally the 4.7 which had an initial V8 pull of 245 horses, but was bumped up to 271.  Transmissions included a four speed auto, a five speed auto and manual, and finally a six speed auto.

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With the update Toyota introduced to the world its second era truck in 2006, and began selling in 2007, and this truck was much larger.  What Toyota decided to do was create a truck that would directly challenge the Dodge, Ford, and Chevy Empire with a truck that could haul 10,000 pounds and have a payload of 2,000, along with new engines and transmissions and much better gear ratios.  The truck has no less than thirty configurations it can be bought with and also has many bed sizes to choose from.  One of the best improvements so far is its massive 27 gallon fuel tank and the much better engines, for example, it now has the options of a 4.0L V6 that pumps out 236 horses, a 4.7 V8 that rocks out 271 horses, and finally a 5.7 V8 that has a whopping 381 horses and thus gives it the capacity to not only haul 10,000 pounds or more, but to do so with ease.

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