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Truck Alignment Tools

A truck consists of a variety of technical and mechanical parts, but they all have a common framework i.e. they basically consist of a Chassis, a cab for the driver, place for holding cargo, suspensions, axles.etc.

A truck is a quite complex machine thus for its proper functioning and efficiency of the truck, it has to be maintained properly so that it meets the emission norms and standards set by the national government.

One of the most important parts of the truck’s maintenance is its alignment. Specific types of tools called truck alignment tools do this alignment. Truck alignment tools are manufactured by various brands like Josam, SPC and Beeline to mention a few.

Beeline was the first brand to introduce Laser technology for achieving precise wheel alignment.

They offer various products related to computer aligning and some of their models are as listed below:

  • LC7000 Series Gauging System for computer alignment
  • LC 7150: Portable Gauging System for truck alignment
  • LC 7100: Complete Gauging System for truck alignment
  • Accessories for computer Alignment

Beeline also provides advanced aligner Runways. These are multi functional systems, which can be used by Garages, alignment shops, dealer service centers and fleets.

Truck Alignment Tools truck camber tool

These advanced aligners are designed with interchangeable runway legs to accommodate various shop sizes and are available in a number of different models.

They also provide a range of manual alignment tools, which are designed for precise and cost effective aligning:

  • 1790: Tire Scribe
  • 1825B: Wheel Centering Gauge
  • 19048: Center Mount Wheel Mount
  • 19305: Caster Camber Gauges
  • 2300: Toe-In Gauges

Josam is another big brand providing high tech alignment tools. It provides various tools equipped with new age technologies such as:

  1. The Alignment Station: This is a new age alignment system powered with a battery and equipped with blue tooth. This station even allows the driver to operate the system through a remote control while sitting inside the cab and offers high level accuracy and reliability
  2. Laser Wheel AM Alignment: This another high tech alignment system which analyses the wheels ,axles and frames of heavy vehicles with great precision
  3. Toe-Cam Dynamic Wheel Alignment: This product is specially designed for the tough conditions associated with heavy vehicle production and carries out the alignment process in 3 simple steps it also boasts of self instructing software, which calculate and present all wheel angles. This product was one of the first dynamic wheel alignments system for truck /trailer axles

Another big brand name providing good quality alignment tools is SPC (Specialty Products Company). It provides a wide range of truck tandem alignment systems such as:

  • Dual Steel Wheel Rear Tracker
  • Dual Aluminum Wheel Rear Tracker

The above two instruments provide simple methods for tracking dual rear tandems for trucks

  • Axle Caliper: This set is used to help in measuring tracking of the tandem axles in relation to the suspensions and rear and front axles

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