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Truck Axle Kits: Take Care of Brand!

The axle of your truck is usually made of tough material and they are take lot of pressure while towing and moving from one place to another. The axle shaft with passage of time and riding start to deteriorate and slip to one side creating some trouble in riding. This may make the wheel of one side too tight and the other too loose. There are different ways to fix the problem. If you take it to truck repairing center, the mechanic may take off the wheel from your truck and tap the tight side to fix it. But it is always recommended that you look for a new set of truck axle kits instead of repairing them again and again.

Truck Axle Kits: Take Care of Brand! axle kit

Why you should get new truck axle kits? Repairing the slipped or worn out axle kit will not provide an ample solution to your axle management. It may happen that after few months the axle will again create problem in the wheels. But if you get new pair of axle kits, there is less possibility of them getting damaged or worn out soon and even if there is some problem, you will have the warranty period to get them exchanged saving good deal of money. Given below are few brands of truck axle kits which are popular and fit for all types of trucks like GM, Ford, Chrysler and others.

TORQ-LINE Replacement Truck Axles kits: This brand of truck axle kits are very tough for your vehicle and are made of forged steel. The axle is made on CNC machinery for high amount of tolerance. The axle kits can provide durability and stability to your vehicles. The axle kit of TORQ-LINE has been induced heat treated so that it can exceed OEM specifications for perfect fit. The axle kit is made in USA and is fit for all heavy duty trucks. TORQ-LINE truck axle kit is rolled splined for higher strength in providing the truck.

Super Dana 35 Axle Kits: This is another popular brand of truck axle kit which is manufactured keeping in mind the needs of modern day trucks and their movements to toughest terrains. The axle comes with 30 splines for higher strength to your truck. Besides that you also have the choice of a locker. The features of Dana 35 Axle Kits are – it is a heavy duty Detroit, ox locker and ARB included axle kit. It works for c-clip and non c-clip axles. And the kit has axle seals and bearings included in it. The kit works on trucks like Cherokee, Wrangler and others.

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