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Truck Bed Modifications

If you own a truck, one of the reasons you probably bought it was due to the practicality and convenience of a truck bed.  The truck bed is perfect for hauling your motorcycle, lawn equipment, furniture and all your tools back and forth from work.  However, most truck beds that come stock don’t usually last for the life of the truck without needing maintenance, an overhaul or modifications.  Here are just a few modifications that you can do to your truck to extend the life and functionality of your truck bed.

Polyurethane Liners
One of the easiest ways to add functionality to your truck- especially if it is past its prime is with a polyurethane liner.  Polyurethane liners are sprayed on.  And while not the perfect choice for those with trucks readying for a beauty pageant, if you have an old workhorse that you want to squeeze out more practicality from, these liners are affordable, easy to add and durable.  The polyurethane is sprayed onto the existing bed at about ¼ inch thickness.  This thickness is enough to cause an air tight, water tight and scratch resistant bed for the long term.

Installed Liners
Obviously, if you have a decent truck and few bucks in your pocket, this is the professional way to maintain or add more functionality to your truck.  Many manufacturers offer high quality bed liners that really add quality to your truck.  Whether you require a heavy duty liner or want to accessorize your truck to look its best these liners are usually the right choice.

Roll on Liners
For the do-it-yourselfer’s, these liners take some prep work and about an afternoon of expertise to install (some do take longer), however they look good, offer added functionality and are usually an affordable choice.  Most roll on liners are made from a rubber or rubber-like material.