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Truck Differential Guards: Why you need them?

Do you know about the single most exposed component of your vehicle? The lowest point of your vehicle and that area is most prone to smashing in rocks, stumps, and then get hit into your axle and differential. Now you get the picture clear that your truck differential indeed needs some amount of protection from such exposures and abuses. All it takes a spilt of seconds of miscalculation of driving which would make your differential hit some protruding rock or such objects on the rough terrains through which your truck peers on. Therefore you require truck differential guards to protect the differential which is made of high cost materials and other components.

Truck Differential Guards: Why you need them? truck differential guard

From competition rock vehicles to the hard working and towing truck, the differential essentials guards are the most basic essential items that are required for the vehicles that see such hard terrain drives. The differentials would protect your ring gears, and other components of the axle shaft in it. But while you select truck different guards for your vehicle are careful that you choose the right kind of product for it. There is a problem if you are selecting differential guards from any vendor out there who sell non quality products. Such low quality differential guards cannot provide the protection level that is required for the differentials. That is why you should always go for branded truck differentials.

Whatever brand of truck differential guards you choose, prefer those made of steel. This helps to provide ample protection of impact on the differential. Solid round stock is used to take away chance of tube collapsing or crushing. Such sturdy differential guards protect the components. The branded differentials are mostly designed for bolt on installation which would be easy to remove while one would need to check or maintain differential components. There is no need of welding or boring to install the guards.

If you wish you can also get custom truck differential guards or covers. They are available from different brands that manufacture custom guards for all trucks plying on the roads of the United States. These custom covers are also ideal for high ground clearance and lift of the vehicle. The custom guards too are made of fine quality materials like steel or cast iron to protect the differential parts. The tight clearance design provides full protection without any hindrance or approach. They fasten well to the supplied bolts and are painted with high quality paint for long term performance and freedom from corrosion/rusting.

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