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Truck Liftgates: Few popular brands that you can Trust!

Driving a truck and wish to install truck lifgates for your vehicle? You have taken the right decision my dear friend. But have you decided which brand of truck liftgates will you choose? Well, if you haven’t there is nothing to worry about; because the discussion here will let you know two popular brands of truck liftgates that most Americans install in their car.

Once you go through the features of some of these popular liftgates you will be able to decide yourself which brand you should choose for your truck. The liftgate is an important installation for your truck because it helps to load and unload items easily on the back board of your truck. There are different styles of liftgates that you can find over the Internet – hydraulic liftgates, Rail-Type liftgates, Level liftgates and others.

Truck Liftgates: Few popular brands that you can Trust! truck liftgate

Waltco is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hydraulic liftgates for trucks. They also manufacture liftgates for mobile equipment industry. Waltco with their innovative engineering provides customers competitive priced and excellent products to choose from. The truck liftgates from this brand are of high quality, custom welded, reliable and can meet the demand of applications in all situations. The liftgates comes in different designs and having different capacities. Install the liftgates according to the capacity of that your truck needs. The Waltco truck liftgates are convenient for medium and bigger size trucks.

On the other hand if you require truck liftgates for pick-ups then go for Tommy Gate, Maxon, Thieman and Leyman truck lifts. They provide you widest range of truck lifts for pickups that are specially designed to fit today’s stylish and popular pick ups. The liftgates of these brands are specially designed for full size work pick-up trucks. The brands also have models that are good for compact pick up trucks as well.

Tommy Gate, Maxon and others provides you liftgates for mid, full size and compact pick-up trucks.  The lifting capacities of such liftgates vary between 500 lbs to 1500 lbs. The capacity actually depends on the model of liftgate you choose for your truck. Flipway liftgates, rail type liftgates, side loader liftgates, level lift liftgates, conventional liftgates, and others are few varieties of liftgates which are manufactured by these brands.

While selecting any brand of truck liftgate ensure that you have bought something that has been rated well by consumers and critics. And the most important install truck liftgates only for the amount of load capacity you need for your vehicle. It is useless to install 1500 lbs capacity liftgate if your work doesn’t demand such heavy lifting!

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