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Truck Sleep Alert

Road accidents are an everyday occurrence. A good percentage of these road accidents are caused by drivers who dozed off while driving. Everyone knows that accidents could happen even in a split second. Drivers only need to take their eyes off the road for one moment at the wrong time for the worst accident to happen.

Truck Sleep Alert truck accident

Mostly, drivers doze off during long road trips and at night when the body, especially the eyes, is tired. But we cannot avoid going on road trips or driving at night. So we turn to the sleep alert to keep us awake and away from accidents.

Sleep alert is worn in your ear and is designed to wake you whenever you tilt your head in an angle that it interprets as a sign of sleep. It emits a beep that will shake you up and snaps your attention on the road again. Sleep alert may be a little gizmo but can be a great lifesaver.

Sometimes, big things do come in small packages.

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