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Truck Stops of America

The Truck Stops of America are a collection of truck stops all around the United States of America.

Simple, right?

Essentially, truck stops are owned by companies that are involved in the trucking industry, just like anything else. Some are well known, and yet some are less known – an example of one well known but out of the way stop would be in a small ghost town in north east Nebraska where the town lodge has people driving eighty miles just to go there to stop and rest. There are literally hundreds of truck stops all along the United States, and pretty much where there’s a highway; there’s a truck stop.

Now, Truck Stops of America provides all of the necessities a truck driver would ever need, whether he is driving a large or small rig. Every company of the truck stops in America guarantees the top quality in everything a stop would need, whether it be a small arcade for some fun, or a convenience store to grab some jerky and a soda. From AMBEST, a company with 140 full-facility stops all across the United States and Canada, to smaller truck stops like Sierra Sids, which is nestled down in Reno Sparks, Nevada which is all about Elvis.

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Truck stops in America really are all about giving you what you pay for, and every American truck stop guarantees a fueling station and a parking spot to bed down in. Even those small family owned businesses are striving to spread their wings and give you the best service you’ve ever received because of the economy and the American dream. The truck stops of America really do mean quality, because they are literally everywhere; from one point of the US to the other, you can find a place to park your rig, or eat some great home-cooked style food, because at the truck stops of America, they realize that driving a truck can be dangerous business, and that certified truckers need to have a full night of rest to stay safe on the road – and in turn that after a day of driving a few can be right starved.

So take your pick of the thousands of Truck Stops of America, and enjoy a well rested night of sleep without the risk of being woken up.

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