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Truck Tire Carriers Eliminate Headache of Carrying Spare Tire

If you have no truck tire carrier installed in your truck you might have dealt with the stress and expense when your tire failed or punctured all of a sudden in the middle of a road. Those moments are really dreaded and full of pain! Why to carry so much stress while driving your truck? Install a proper truck tire carrier and carry your spare tire securely and safely behind the cab. Stop being at the mercy of others and tire guys on the highways. There are several brands of truck tire carriers that manufacture innovative tire carriers for truck and custom installation for easy driving. They are designed, manufactured and installed in your vehicle keeping in mind individual needs.

Truck Tire Carriers Eliminate Headache of Carrying Spare Tire truck tire carriers

TireGate is a popular brand of truck tire carriers and it has several types of tire carriers for small, mid size and regular trucks. The tire carriers of TireGate are designed to maintain proper ground clearance and bed space. The carried are made of high quality materials to resist corrosion, wear and tear. Given below are few types of TireGate tire carriers.

PreRunner Tire Carriers: This tire carrier from TireGate enables you to haul tires of all sizes for mid, small and medium trucks. The carrier is mounted directly into the factory tailgate mount position of your truck and there is no drilling, cutting, welding required for this tire carrier installation. The carrier is easy to uninstall. Installing this tire carrier won’t affect the opening of tiregate. It will open wide and allow complete and easy access to the truck bed.

VT TireGate Carriers: The TireGate line is very much perfect for crawling, working, camping and everyday use. The VT truck tire carriers can be easily mounted vertically behind your truck or over the rear bumpers. The carrier doesn’t come in the middle of your tailgate opening. It opens wide and allows you easy access to your truck bed and never kills cargo space in your truck. VT is tough truck tire carrier and allows you to haul 40” tires as well as 35” tires maintaining proper bed space and ground clearance. This tie carrier too requires no cutting, welding, or drilling and is mounted into the factory tailgate.

UTV Truck Tire Carriers: This is a high quality truck tire carrier which solves your problem of tire carrying in your truck. TireGate has whole line of UTC tire carriers and each model differs in quality and other ways. You have different types of carriers from this series- bed mounted carriers, premium swing carriers, tailgate carriers, roll cage carriers and others. Appearance, quality and integrity are high priority of these carriers.

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