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Truck Transmission Maintenance

If you own a pick up truck, one of your concerns is probably the maintenance and the long term reliability of the transmission.  While pick up trucks do offer increased functionality being able to haul and tow heavy loads, it is these heavy duty tasks that can easily burn out a transmission before its time.  Here are a few tips on getting the best reliability and providing maintenance for your truck’s transmission.

Truck Transmission Maintenance truck transmission maintenance

Are You a Heavy Duty User?
If you would like to use your pick up truck for heavy duty towing or hauling make sure you buy the right type of truck.  Not every pick up truck is made for professional or heavy duty use.  Don’t expect an economy pick up to haul heavy loads constantly- you are asking too much.  For those that have a medium or larger pick up truck and want to make sure you are able to haul and tow properly, first make sure that whatever you tow is within the guidelines of your truck’s capability.  Many people time after time tow or haul items that are heavier than what the truck is made for.  If this is the case, you are asking for trouble.

Transmission Maintenance for Heavy Duty Users
Two things that can help you increase reliability and efficiency of your truck’s transmission is making sure you do regular transmission fluid changes and installing a transmission cooler.  Just like an oil change, after a set period of time or mileage, your truck’s transmission needs some fresh fluid, as well to be rid of transmission fluid that has crudded up.  Look in your owner’s manual for the schedule for your specific vehicle.

As for a transmission cooler, a cooler is actually a fan that is installed by your transmission.  This way it keeps your transmission cool- ultimately reducing heat and breakdown.

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