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Trucks Fuel Economy

The words truck and fuel economy usually do not go hand in hand.  Trucks in general use much more fuel than passenger vehicles because of their larger size, amount of weight they are towing, poor aerodynamics and maintenance issues.  However, for those that own trucks or looking to own one, you can improve your trucks fuel economy by following these tips.

Choose Diesel over Gasoline Engines
If you are planning on buying a truck, it is usually better to choose a diesel engine over a gasoline engine.  For most heavy duty trucks, engines almost always only come in diesel; however, light trucks usually offer you a choice.  Diesel engines have been improved over the last several decades and are now more efficient, quieter and easier to maintain.  Most diesel engines can increase truck fuel economy by 30% to 50%.  Besides increasing fuel economy, maintenance costs can also be lower.

Keep Your Truck Properly Maintained

Since most trucks are used for business purposes, they are relied upon to work hard.  However, many times this extra work duty causes trucks extra wear and tear.  By keeping your truck properly maintained, you can easily increase your trucks fuel economy by 5% to 10%.

Properly Inflated Tires
Just like cars, a truck’s fuel economy can improve when the tires are inflated to the proper level.  Make sure that you always have an air gauge to measure the tire’s pressure and consult your owner’s manual as to the proper air pressure of the tires.

Don’t Haul Unnecessary Loads
Many trucks are made for hauling, however many truck owners keep unnecessary weight on their vehicle that they don’t need.  Keep your truck’s load as light as possible and you will save a lot when it comes to fuel economy.

Avoid Stop & Go Traffic
Obviously, you always can’t dictate where your truck will need to make deliveries, but generally speaking, stop and go traffic can waste fuel unnecessarily.  Try to drive at periods of the day and night that have less traffic and offer smoother traveling.  It is also a good idea to stay at a steady speed- usually 55mph in which your trucks engine is calibrated to offer the most fuel economy.