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Trucks Vs Cars – How to Choose?

Cars can be chosen due to their smaller size, faster acceleration, more comfortable and superior speed over trucks. But trucks offer more safety, more control, greater suspension and larger ground clearance than cars. Hence, you should make a decision according to your requirements.

Although there are advantages and disadvantages associated with both trucks and cars, it is quite clear that they are equally popular and always in demand. There are many reasons and factors, which you should keep in mind before choosing between the two. A truck can be more helpful in carrying heavy loads and offer more safety than a car. But, a car can be equally more useful in saving money by offering better fuel mileage and greater comfort while driving.

If you are a bit concerned in how to choose the better one between the car and truck, this article can help you in a great way. There are some important points listed, which can definitely give you a clear idea in selecting the better one that suits your needs.

Trucks Vs Cars   How to Choose? trucks vs cars

Firstly, the most important factor that can be extremely helpful to you is checking the ground clearance of both the vehicles. Cars are generally low slung having a very small amount of ground clearance because they are specially designed to drive on flat and smooth surfaces. But on the contrary, trucks have room underneath so that they are more capable of clearing obstructions such as rocks which can be present during the time of off-road driving, thus offering a large amount of ground clearance.

Secondly, take a look on the suspension of both the vehicles. It is a quite obvious that cars generally come with a suspension, which has very little travel. This means that the wheels of a car do not move up or move down much. Cars are basically designed for driving in smooth surfaces and they are no manufactured to handle large obstructions like bumps which require more suspension travel.

Cars also come with stiff suspension springs offering better road handling like cornering stability. But these cars have very short shock absorbers. But, trucks on the other hand have a larger amount of suspension travel, softer shock springs that can soak big jumps and bumps and larger shocks.

If you are in a need of a vehicle with superior speeds, it is recommended that you choose a car than going for a truck. Although trucks are geared typically lower to handle obstacles and climbing, cars are basically geared for attaining top higher speeds. Cars are also designed to have a higher acceleration and top speed than trucks.

If you are more concerned with the size of your vehicle, you should choose the car in comparison with a truck. A car usually comes in 1/10th scale size while trucks are nearly 1/8th scale size. This suggests that controlling a car is much easier than a truck and you can easily park your car in the busiest part of the city. On the other hand, trucks are not recommended for city rides as it consumes a lot of space.

Lastly, you should decide on the engines of both the vehicles. Trucks have a more powerful engine compared to cars which gives them the advantage to pull more weights. A truck is equipped with a larger nitro engine offering more power to overcome road resistances. Cars have smaller nitro engines offering faster acceleration and top speeds than trucks.

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