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Us Cargo Motorcycle V Nose Trailers

The US Cargo Motorcycle V Nose Trailer is a trailer made for being hauled by a trucks and can be used for many hauling purposes – mainly though it is used for hauling your most preciouss of additions to any automotive collection – your motorcycle.  Here are some of the specs of the best model they have that is enclosed and is the V nose trailer made by – you guessed it – US Cargo.

The standard model is made with .30 black aluminum, the distinctive V-Nose which is both stylish addition and functional for the overall performance of the trailer.  It has sixteen inch on center side walls, a two inch coupler, six foot interior height for any tall storage objects or items; three eighths inch plywood walls, and three fourths inch plywood floors for extra support when hauling anything that could be a trifle bit heavy.   It has a large thirty two inch side door with a flush mounted lock and a holdback latch for side doors.  usually it will have a four way Bargman plug and is capable of 2990 lbs with its Dexter leaf spring axle.  It also has a roof vent to keep it cool and a stone guard to prevent damage.

Overall this trailer can haul two small bikes if you’re really careful, but for one priced bike this has plenty of room, and is very secure with the locking mechanisms and the fact it has all the necessary wiring needed for breaks along with the additional outer shielding.  But as always, no matter how safe you make the unit – its how safe you drive that counts.  Make sure the tires are filled and ready for conditions, and that all hookups are secure.  As always, safe driving.

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