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Utility Trailers

A Utility Trailer is one used for mechanical or transportation of small vehicles – although there are also sport utility trailers as well.  To tell you the truth, just about any trailer made for hauling materials is a utility trailer.  There are several kinds and several makes and models made by a wide arrange of corporations and manufacturers.  There are the open flatbed with rails and an extended ramp/door at the back for loading small vehicles or anything heavy with wheels, there are pure flat beds without anything else that you secure items to with harnesses and ropes, and there are fully covered utility trailers to haul things more easily damaged by the wind or rain when driving (such as expensive tools, devices used that cannot get wet, and things prone to rusting quickly).

It is common for them to have light hookups and lights at the end along with their own license plate so that they are street legal in your area.  Make sure the lights are hooked up correctly so that when you signal left it signals left too – you don’t want people thinking you’re going the other way only to have an embarrassing accident because of a small thing like that.  They have the same legal limits as all other trailers in that the limit for length is 53 feet, and those that are 53 feet are usually seen on semi trucks – not smaller utility trailers.  Some utility trailers come with surge braking systems while others may need after market trailer brake controllers installed so that the towing vehicle can stop the trailer synchronous with the towing vehicle.  Be sure to know what you need to be towing along with you, how big and long it is, how vulnerable to conditions it is, and how valuable it is.  You may consider getting a closed utility trailer to prevent theft and damage when driving, or if you are hauling raw materials like lumbar a flatbed might be better for you.  Wherever you go though, be sure to follow the rules and drive safe.

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