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Vacuum Tank Trailer

The standard vacuum tank trailer can be manufactured to any capacity, limited only by axle-loading regulations, on all types of rigid, semi trailer and trailer chassis, on sub-frames, demountable frames, frame less and with any required form of special mounting. The KiloWhale is a vacuum tank trailer that also combines jetting to get a vehicle highly suitable for deep sewer cleaning and maintenance. The Rotovac is ideal for loading liquids containing indeterminate solids, and is known for its positive displacement pump. The articulated vacuum tanker minimizes vehicle weight allowing you to maximize your payload. This vehicle is purpose designed to collect and transport large quantities of both hazardous and non-hazardous liquid wastes. Although these are just few of the many specialized vacuum tank trailers, these are for the hazardous and non-hazardous wastes that are transported.

Vacuum Tank Trailer vacuum semi trailer

There are also companies that use vacuum tank trucks to remove collected storm water runoff from curb inlets and underground pipelines in the city’s storm drain infrastructure system. This material is hauled to a de-watering facility and then the water is settled, and filtered. This process can require up to eight loads per month with the vacuum tank trailer. With the purchase of this trailer, one haul tractor can pull this vacuum tank trailer to remove the same amount of water from the de-watering facility in one-third the number of trips and allow the vacuum tank trailers to continue the normal work of cleaning the drainage from the pipelines and inlets. The vacuum tank trailer is equipped with a pump and a pressurized discharge nozzle that will allow this water to also be used to irrigate re vegetated areas as a result of areas disturbed by field crews performing any certain types of maintenance work. There are always different uses for the vacuum tank trailers, and they can be helpful to many employers when thinking of trying to manage anything.

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