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Various Truck Differential Covers

A differential is a device which is used in employing gears, rotation of three shafts, and capable of transmitting torque and can always be used in one or two ways. In trucks and other similar automobiles, the differential allows each driving wheel rotate at different speeds and at the same time provides equal torque to each of them. The differential and its housing are sometimes collectively called ‘Pumpkin.’ The differential needs to be covered. To protect the intricate movement of parts of your differential different types of truck differential covers are manufactured which add an extra layer of protection to the vehicle underside.

Various Truck Differential Covers truck differential cover

The differential is situated underside and is prone to lots of abuses. The truck different covers protect the differentials and its parts from such abuse to keep the performance of the vehicle intact in trough terrains. The following are the types of truck differential covers that are available in the market.

Aluminum Differential Cover: This type of aluminum cover is made by different brands. Explorer Pro Comp Aluminum differential covers are made from cast aluminum and polished to a high lustier. The aluminum cover of such durability helps your truck to have extra oil capacity and also help your truck in running cooler. While purchasing truck differential covers always mention the model of your truck and the year in which it is made. The differential covers come in different sizes and shapes which vary with brands and models.

Dynatrac Pro Series Differential Covers: These covers are made of cast iron and the differentials are nearly indestructible. The coves don’t let the trail catch you of the guard. And the Dynatrac covers enhance the look of the truck at underside too.

Mag-Hytec High Capacity Differential Cover: This is another brand of truck differential covers if you are looking forward to design the differential chamber looks. The Mag Hytec offers heavy duty covers that have been designed specifically to increase the life of the differentials of your rear end and also adding oil capacity to improve cooling. The different cover has added feature like o-ring seal, magnetic drain plug, oil level dip stick and others which make general maintenance much easier and simple.

Fab Fours Differential Covers: Another reliable brand of differential cover which has been designed to protect your truck’s ring gear and also the centre section. The ¼ inch plate protects the center section while it maintains the original ground contour and ground clearance.

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