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Volkswagen Amarok Pickup Wrecks A Chimney!

With this test Volkswagen wanted to show us that the mighty Amarok pickup truck is as powerful as a big pile of explosives usually used for the pull-down operation.

Recently in Reading, UK, they had to demolish an old chimney which weighed nearly 140 tonne. VW picked up the challenge and did it using only four Amarok diesels which pulled the big chimney done using nothing but engine power and some 200 meters of rope!

Volkswagen Amarok Pickup Wrecks A Chimney! vw amarok demolishchimney 1

A series of tests were developed to challenge the power and traction delivered by the Amarok, read more at this website here.  The structure was prepared using a standard procedure for any ‘pull-down’ demolition of flame cutting a ‘shark’s mouth’ into the base of the chimney, reducing its structural integrity, though ensuring that it remained free standing. Four 200m lengths of rope were rigged to the top of the chimney and attached to the towbars of four standard Amarok pick-ups, each with Volkswagen’s latest four-cylinder, 2.0-litre TDI engine producing 163 PS of power, you could try here for Volkswagen News.

This will remain in the car’s portfolio as one of its greatest achievements. They may even make a commercial based on it. We suggest to go to this lease web-site for more information regarding the automotive industry.

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