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Volkswagen Trucks – Unique Built Solving Transport Problems!

Over the years, Volkswagen has been a brand name to mark the standard of commercial vehicles, especially trucks. Most of the trucks, which have been manufactured by the company, came along with tie-ups with other companies.

Trucks are important assets to large corporations, who use them for transport of heavy loads. German manufacturers Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge (VWN) are well known for the manufacturing of commercial vehicles in most regions of the world. Volkswagen’s truck manufacturing division has become an established branch on its own and come out of the genre of the car company proclaiming the goodwill of Volkswagen. Volkswagen Trucks are one of the most reliable truck providers in the market today.

Volkswagen Trucks – Unique Built Solving Transport Problems! vw logo


Initially, the company started with the manufacturing of small postal-vans, before they embarked on their truck division. The Volkswagen EA489 Basis transporter was the first of its kind by the company. It was a four wheel drive vehicle and had rudimentary chassis. Later on, the company went on to make pickup trucks. They did it after having merged with Toyota in the year 1989. Their pickup truck division proved to be highly popular.

Partnered with the MAN group, Volkswagen tried to buy out the Brazilian franchise of Chrysler Motors and eventually succeeded in the year 1980. From this branch, Volkswagen trucks – VW 11.130 and VW 13.130 were launched, being an upgraded version of earlier Volkswagen models. From then onwards, the company moved on to produce trucks with their existing partnership. However, their partnership with MAN fell apart in 1993 and gave rise to the new era, in which Volkswagen trucks were launched by the company directly through their established Plant in Resende. Recently, the company has been planning to move over to India with its technology and will be looking to enhance the marketing of their trucks.

Volkswagen trucks have been designed with extreme precision. The company has been working hard over the driving system and carefully worked on the steering wheel, foot pedals and the hand levers. Special care is also taken to make the suspension and transmission system fit for all roads. Moreover, the electrical system of their trucks is also quite impressive, as they are designed by Volkswagen themselves. Engineers at Volkswagen also design the cardan shaft of these trucks.

In majority of the cases where Volkswagen has brought out trucks, it has been in association with other manufacturers. However under such conditions too, the company held on to the controlling shares and paved the platform for the designing of the upcoming vehicles.

Volkswagen Trucks – Unique Built Solving Transport Problems! volkswagen truck


The VW Titan 18.310 has won the Super European Truck Championship in the year 2003. This award helped in boosting the avenues for Volkswagen trucks. Again, the VW NGD 370 engine is supposed to be the most powerful amongst its kind, which are installed in most of Volkswagen trucks.

The Future

The concept of Volkswagen trucks are growing with the advancing technology and the company is looking forward to launch the Robust in 2009. They are also trying to come up with trucks that could be carrying both petrol and natural gas in the same transporter.

Volkswagen Trucks have stood along the tests of ages and are looking strong to go longer miles by accepting the idea of the Euro III engine as component for their new vehicles.

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