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VW Amarok European Price

VW’s all-new pickup truck the Amarok is now available to order, although the first deliveries won’t happen until September.

Available with either two or four-wheel-drive, the Amarok comes with two 122 hp and 163 hp TDI engines to choose from.

VW Amarok European Price VW Amarok 1

The base price for the 122 hp 2WD version is 26,203 Euros, while the same model with 4WD system costs around 28,107 Euros. The 163 hp variant starts form 30,844 Euros and based on the trim level will go up to 34,629 Euros and 37,169 Euros for the top pf the line fully-loaded model.

Some of the garnish with the most expensive model include the 17-inch alloys, arches and bumpers with the same color as the body and automatic climate control.

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