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Western Hauler Trucks

Power: All truck drivers love this one word. Regardless of what type of truck is driven, from a pickup truck to a semi truck power is the one thing that sets truck drivers apart from every other driver on the road. This could be one reason why people are drawn to western hauler trucks, because with their large cabs and elongated trailers a western hauler truck even without a trailer represents the ability to pull what they like whenever they want. By now, you may be wondering what exactly a western hauler truck is if you have never heard the term before. Hopefully when you finish reading, you will have a pretty good idea!

Well, chances are that you have seen a western hauler truck before and would easily recognize it even if you are not familiar with the name. The easiest trait to spot on a western hauler truck is the cab, because they have a front seat and a backseat, which is very different to most pickup trucks. The significant feature is that each row of seats has its own door and is full sized to meet ever driver and passenger’s needs. So in essence, western hauler trucks are a sedan combined with a truck’s power.

Western Hauler Trucks freightliner western hauler

The difference of course is that even with the extended cab western hauler trucks still have the appearance of a truck. Given that the cab of a truck sits higher it makes the entire truck look much more powerful and its long structure, since it still has an elongated bed, makes the entire truck look like a force to be reckoned with. This is one reason why serious semi truck drivers also love purchasing western hauler trucks, because even when they are not pulling a trailer they still look like a force to be reckoned with while on the road.

Due to the design of western hauler trucks they have the ability to pull almost anything that can be taken on the road. From semi trailers to houses to large boats, you will never experience a problem hauling anything if you own a western hauler truck. Perfect for when it needs a boat tune up, or if you need to travel through land with it, say if you were moving for example. The added weight of an extended cab gives western hauler trucks force behind their raw horsepower making a haul that would usually strain a truck engine seem virtually weightless. This not only makes hauling easier on your vehicle, but also allows the driver to have more control over their truck and load.

Of course, western hauler trucks are not for the faint hearted. While it may be tempting to jump in one and try it out you have to keep in mind that with a larger car comes a higher degree of road experience. Given its larger size, navigating the road can be harder than in a typical truck and you must be prepared for less visibility while driving western hauler trucks, this is why it is so crucial to have commercial truck insurance when driving this type of truck. However, if you do not feel like these limitations pose a problem then the payoff in return is the power to do what you like on the road!

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